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A French edition of its ritual, under the title: "La Vraire Maconnerie D'Adoption," (144 pp.) was printed in Philadelphia in 1768; a Spanish translation was printed in Havana in 1822, and, about 1874, Albert Pike published an English translation of it, revised and amplified, but efforts to establish Lodges proved entire failures, the ritual being altogether too lengthy and sombrous to command success.But side degrees to be conferred upon women in an informal manner, in the form of lectures, seemed to be in demand, and the demand was supplied.We know that androgynous Masonry (so named from two Greek words signifying "man" and "woman,") was established in France in 1730, under the name of Adoptive Masonry, and that its Lodges were called adoptive Lodges.These flourished and gained steadily in both numbers and influence until, in 1774 the Grand Orient of France established the Rite of Adoption, and set forth rules and regulations for its government.TO BE the first to enter an unexplored field, and attempt to map out before the understanding of one's readers its various characteristics; to delve below the soil and thus endeavor to discover the hidden sources from which has sprung that which appears upon the surface; and thus to add to the store of knowledge, is no easy task, and requires patient, persevering labor.Although the writer of this book has been an active worker in the Order of the Eastern Star for twenty‑eight years, and during all that time has been a diligent gatherer of material and facts concerning it, and has, by the favor of his fellow‑members been placed in positions of trust and responsibility, which have given him rare opportunities to learn much of the workings of the order, yet he had no idea, when he undertook the production of this history, how great the task would prove, for he has undertaken to be doubly sure of the facts stated and has spent days in running down some particular item that, perhaps, when secured, would not add a dozen lines to the work.While these other degrees are somewhat analogous to the Eastern Star, it is not the design of the writer to attempt to set forth their various peculiarities, but to confine his history to the Eastern Star.If confidence could be placed in certain statements of Rob Morris, whose labors in bringing the order into prominence exceed those of any other person, we could easily ascertain the truth as to its origin.

It will be noticed that in this work the Eastern Star degrees are sometimes spoken of in the singular, and sometimes in the plural.This will be understood when it is stated that when the secrets were given by communication the singular number was used in the early days, but when given in constellations or Chapters, they were spoken of in the plural, and I have followed this custom.AN organization would hardly be entitled to the designation Masonic whose origin was not shrouded in mystery, and in this respect the Order of the Eastern Star is the peer of any of the branches of Masonry.The third, or mistress degree was based upon the legend of the building of Babel's tower, the confusion of tongues, and the dispersion of the human race.This was made to symbolize a badly regulated Lodge, in which disorder and confusion reigned, while the ladder of Jacob was introduced to represent the various virtues which a Mason should possess, and the concord and obedience that should exist in a well regulated Lodge.

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Cablet (n.) A little cable less than ten inches in circumference.

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