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The main island of Saare County, it is located in the Baltic Sea, south of Hiiumaa island and west of Muhu island, and belongs to the West Estonian Archipelago.The capital of the island is Kuressaare, which has about 15,000 inhabitants; the whole island has over 30,966 inhabitants.According to archaeological finds, the territory of Saaremaa has been inhabited from at least 5,000 years BCE.Pre-Viking age Salme ship burials have been found in Sõrve Peninsula.In 1721, along with the rest of Livonia, Saaremaa (then known by its Swedish name of Ösel) was ceded to the Russian Empire by the Treaty of Nystad, becoming a part of the Governorate of Livonia.In 1840 the first spa opened in Kuressaare (then known as Arensburg), and the town experienced renaissance and became a resort for Russians and Baltic Germans.There he obtained his famous atgeir, by taking it from a man named Hallgrímur.Njáls saga tells the following: Thence they held on south to Denmark and thence east to Smálönd and had victory wherever they went. The next summer they held on to Rafala (Tallinn) and fell in there with sea-rovers, and fought at once, and won the fight.

In 1227, Saaremaa was conquered by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword during the Livonian Crusade but remained a hotbed of Estonian resistance.The Chronicle of Henry of Livonia describes a fleet of sixteen ships and five hundred Osilians ravaging the area that is now southern Sweden, then belonging to Denmark.In 1206, King Valdemar II of Denmark built a fortress on the island but found no volunteers to man it. Probably around 1000, Gunnar Hámundarson from Iceland took part in a Viking raid at Eysýsla (Saaremaa).The name Eysysla appears sometimes together with Adalsysla, "the big land", perhaps 'Suuremaa' or 'Suur Maa' in Estonian, which refers to mainland Estonia.In Latvian, the island is called Sāmsala, which means "the island of Saami".

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This is the story of Dana Larose, a young woman starting her career as a secretary in the Crown Attorney's office.

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Aspadates and Izabates were two other influential eunuchs at the court of Cambyses (König, p. The Book of Esther () names seven eunuchs who personally served Xerxes. ʿAbd al-Malek’s castration of a man as punishment, in Ṭabarī, III, p. By the time of the ʿAbbasids, it was the norm for eunuchs to be employed as palace servants and harem attendants. Some of the eunuchs employed at these local courts were blacks, such as the Šokr or Šakar who was the intimate of the Buyid amir ʿAżod al-Dawla (q.v.; cf. 10, 14), imported from Africa, but the white ones were essentially Ṣaqābela (i.e., Slavs and other fair-skinned peoples from the South Russian and Western Siberian steppes), Turks and Indians. Among the presents which the Salghurid atabeg of Fārs, Zangī, sent to the sultan Arslan b. 564/1169 were castrated African slaves (): since other presents sent with these included Arabian horses from Qaṭīf, it would appear that these slaves were brought from East Africa to the Persian Gulf ports (ibid., ed. The evolution of the posts held by eunuchs, as portrayed in the two extant administrative manuals from the first half of the 17th century, reflects the growing prominence of white eunuchs at court.

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My mother's pale, olive skin and European features appeared to belie the government documents defining her as African American, allowing her to escape that public designation for most of her adult life.

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Most babes speak English and some speak other languages like German, Spanish and French.