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The familiar face of the Moon contains dark splotches, the maria.Look at the maria with a telescope, and you can see that they're flat plains that appear to fill low-lying areas.So much, in fact, that some of them can be difficult to spot in photographs, even though they're very big (all of the ones discussed here are 300 kilometers wide or more).

I think that's appropriate because the Moon is where the study of planetary geology started, even before the Space Age.

These include Crisium on the nearside (the rightmost of the three northern round basins) and Moscoviense on the farside (just northwest of the center of the globe), as well as a couple of small craters within the south pole-Aitken basin on the farside.

Purple stars denote locations where the Kaguya orbiter saw olivine, a mantle mineral, exposed at the surface.

Some of them are classical names that Moon fans should recognize, things like Imbrium and Crisium and Orientale. Well, now that we've identified where the Moon's big basins are located, we can start delving into the history of the Moon.

Other names are unfamiliar; these are the basins that were not obvious until we got topography and gravity data. Which one happened first, and which one happened later? What order the lunar basins formed in is a question I have a lot when looking at these global maps of the Moon, and I hadn't found an online resource for it.

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Covers publications of interest from sociology, psychology, health sciences, business, history, law and computer science.

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Rates were the same for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

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And so, our task, in many cases, is to discern who this author is and what his culture is so that we can get some more light from the broader culture and history so that we can fill in some of these assumptions and given realities. James Hamilton] We'll discuss the background of Matthew's gospel in three steps.

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Next the inner pink lips, their moisture holding them together until the last moment, stretched and then sprung apart, revealing the deep red flesh that lay within.